Our team of magicians.



Electronic enginner
Bass player / Double bass player



Assembler - Cabler
Bass player / guitarist / drummer



Co manager
Developer & Engineer


Marketing & Communication



Production manager
IT manager
Sound technician




A band story

First, we work as a team of engineers, in the electronic engineering design office of Hubert and Mickael, the Vaudoos chefs.

A design office where all the members are also musicians. Some play together, others play alone or manage to replace an entire group by playing alone.

One day, the chef Vaudoo, during a full bass solo, realizes that the 9V battery inside his « active » bass is no longer very active. He had once again forgotten to charge the battery and to bring a spare battery.

From then on, the team set out to create a rechargeable, simple and efficient system. The B.M.S, Battery Management System, which gives the instrument more power.

We were able to take advantage of the know-how and expertise of the design office, specialized in connected objects and integrated systems to design our products.

After a few years of research, the product was created, tested and approved. We now had to give it a design and a name.

We added the light system for the practical and aesthetical side, which to know in one click the remaining charge on the instrument.

And since we found it magic, we said to ourselves « But this is witchcraft! No, it’s Vaudoo. »

We have also created the Vaudoo preamplifier, of professional quality, to be integrated into basses or guitars, by testing it until we reached a high-quality sound result. Better sound.

We have provided different possible customizations, the choice of the number of adjustable bands and frequencies, and to adapt to each instrument, a number of potentiometers varying with the possibility of adding adjustments. This is all done without adding a hole, thanks to double-stepped potentiometers.

Quality chart

Quality in every daily action, a leap forward for the satisfaction of all


5 year warranty

We are so sure and proud of what we are doing, that our products are guaranteed for 5 years. After this time, our after-sales service will always be there for you.

basse rechargeable active vaudoo audio

Full check up

We run functional tests on all of our products, which are serialized. We pack Vaudoo products carefully, in a packaging filled with anti-static foam, to ensure a peaceful shipment.

basse rechargeable active vaudoo audio

After sales service

We will always be there to advise you and answer your questions by email, chat or telephone.

Electronic design office

Founded in 2011 and located between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille (South of France), CECIELEC is a company specializing in control systems and connected objects. Vaudoo Audio is a trademark of Cecielec.

We design the electronic cards and we carry out the programs for your systems.

Our additional skills in mechanics, network architectures, IT, physical measurements, SDF, pyrotechnic systems and HMI allow us to meet all the needs of Vaudoo Audio.

Who are we?

The human-sized company, composed of a young and dynamic team, we always ensure a great reactivity in the management of projects. Relational and trust are our watchwords to ensure your complete satisfaction.