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Frequently asked questions

The B.M.S adapts to all existing preamps, even if it was designed to be used with the Vaudoo preamplifier.

When ordering, you can choose the voltage suitable for your preamplifier if you want to keep it, 5, 9, 12 or 18 Volts. (You can always change the voltage by accessing the electronic card.)

The B.M.S is available in several options, to adapt to the 9V location on your instrument.

The Vaudoo Battery Management System makes your instrument rechargeable, that’s all.

The Vaudoo preamplifier will automatically be accompanied by the B.M.S.

It is designed for bass but gives very good results on active guitars.

The integration will require access to the interior of the instrument, for this, we recommend a visit to the luthier.

We are establishing a partnership with a maximum of luthiers. You can already find our partner luthiers on the dedicated page.

Click here to find the Vaudoo partner luthiers.

All you need is a minimum of a handyman to install our systems, which have been designed for quick installation, with few modifications of lutherie.

The B.M.S has connectors and does not require soldering.

As for the preamplifier, it only requires micro-soldering to be connected to microphones.

Don’t worry, the wires are marked by color and we provide you with all the documents to help you find your way.

We installed it on several instruments without any help: basses, guitars, double basses, everything works.

It all depends on your preamplifier and your use, in any case, finished the stress of the battery level before a rehearsal or a concert, in a click, you know where you are.

The B.M.S combined with a 3-band preamplifier, connected to 9V can deliver 140 up to hours of play.

If you have an 18V preamplifier, you divide by two, but what is the problem when you know that you can simply charge?

You can also play while recharging.

So there, no stress.

We offer an optional active/passive switch. So, if you forgot to recharge your instrument, a click allows you to switch to the passive mode and find the classic sound of your instrument.

No worries, our online configurator allows you to choose « double pots » which allow you to easily manage several settings without performing additional drilling on your instrument.

Improved sound quality.

We are young, but we have experience.

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Unique products

Our products are unlike any other, the battery technology is innovative, the preamp components have been rigorously selected.

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Our teams do their best to respond to your requests. All products are assembled by hand in the south of France.

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Sharing experiences

Show us your instruments, your customizations, your talents. Let's share music.

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Ease of installation

Everything is thought to facilitate your integration. Choose the cable length, plate or wood fixing accessories, and the appropriate battery size.

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Customize as much as possible

Our system adapts to all instruments and your playing style. Choose the number of potentiometers, the appearance of the buttons you need, as well as the bands and frequencies that suit you.

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Efficient after-sales service

The advantage of a structure on a human scale is that we have all the answers to your questions.

Create the perfect system

Go to our personalization page to choose your products and create the perfect system to make your instrument rechargeable, with an integrated preamplifier, made in France, of professional quality.