To test the Vaudoo's sound

We have selected luthiers across France, to whom we have presented our systems and how to integrate them safely.

The luthiers presented on this map have in their possession a box which allows you to test the quality of the Vaudoo Audio Preamp.

Find the luthier closest to you for an assembly carried out by a specialist.
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Quality Chart

Quality in every daily action, a leap forward for the satisfaction of all



We have a special relationship with the luthiers. We believe that your instruments deserve the best attention and quality components.

basse rechargeable active vaudoo audio

Assembly instructions

We send them clear and precise instructions for mounting Vaudoo Audio products so that they can make your instruments rechargeable.

basse rechargeable active vaudoo audio

After sales service

We will always be available to advise you and answer your questions by email, chat or telephone.