Charging system and integrated preamplifier for active guitars and basses

Vaudoo concept

We are a French start-up offering innovative and rechargeable products. 

No more 9V battery needed in guitars and basses.

Our preamplifier uses the embedded energy supply to provide the best musical experience.



Starting from a broken preamplifier on an active bass and a reflexion: "What about a rechargeable system to end up with this 9V battery?"



It is also because we are used to preserving our planet as much as possible. If we can avoid any battery waste, we'll take it.



We thought that thanks to our rechargeable system, we could integrate "high fidelity" components and advanced circuits, more precisely than conventional integrated preamps.

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Our creations

"It's not magic, it's Vaudoo"

We sell electronic battery management systems and a high-quality preamplifier to be integrated in active guitars and basses.

The installation can be done with or without modification of lutherie, the choice is yours.

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Rythmic innovations

An engineering office in electronic engineering, serving music.

Our products have required more than three years of research and development. They are ready, they are reliable, they improve your sound and create a new relationship with your instrument.

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Between us ...

We are part of The Guitar Division, an organization that brings together manufacturers of equipment related to the world of the electric guitar: Guitar; Bass, Amplifier; effects pedal and various accessories.

Founded, under the collective impetus of instrumental invoice professionals, its purpose is to bring together French manufacturers with common interests and objectives.

The organization now has around twenty manufacturers, some of the best in their field.

Create the perfect system

Go to our personalization page to choose your products and create the perfect system to make your instrument rechargeable, with an integrated preamplifier, made in France, of professional quality.