Vaudoo Preamp

In this video, we perform a sound test of our integrated preamp for active guitars and basses.

This video was produced in 2020 by Vaudoo Audio. We thank professional bass player Bruno Morgana for his help and confidence, the first Vaudoo sound tester, he immediately adopted our sound and our systems.

English subtitles.

Setup : B.M.S

In this video, we set up a Battery Management System, which replaces the 9V battery of this active bass.

This video was produced in 2020 by Vaudoo Audio at Guitare d’En France, in Aix en Provence. We thank the luthier Celia Enoc for her help and her confidence.

Rechargeable instrument

The Battery Management System allows any active guitar or bass to become rechargeable via micro USB.

We have heard that the basis of a good sound is good batteries.

Less batteries, more sound.

Occasional luthery making

All instruments are different. Some have enough space to accommodate our products and some require minimal retouching of lutherie.

Find our partner luthiers or ask your usual luthier.

Full technical documents

We do our best to make the assembly easy.

Technical data, wiring plans, 3D, everything is available on our site to ensure easy and safe setup in your instruments.