They are Vaudoo Audio

Luthier J.MELIS trusted us to power its magnificent rechargeable MIDI guitar, made in France from A to Z.

MIDI Guitar Rechargeable

The wiring proved to be correct and I thank you again for your patience and your support!

The B.M.S turns on the MIDI system correctly, we would even tend to forget that the guitar is rechargeable when the time comes to plug it ! A joy to say ” I’m recharging my guitar”!

A real breakthrough for the Guitar of tomorrow and I strongly believe in your project! I am very happy to have integrated the B.M.S for the first time on a Guitar.

Another big thank you for your work to you and the whole team! This is just the start of a great adventure!

John Melis
luthier - toulouse

The Vaudoo Audio battery system now powers the preamp of this IBANEZ SR605.

- 9V

A great team with great stuff. No more classic batteries! Long live to USB charging.

Musicians friends who have an active instrument, do not hesitate you will not regret it. A charge of 3 hours is equivalent to 140 hours of autonomy

Long live Vaudoo Audio!

François M.
bassist - paca

Marcus Miller
- 18V

basse rechargeable active vaudoo audio

Marc is one of the first musicians to play rechargeable bass. A Marcus Miller Sire bass powered by 18V, which allows him more than 40 hours of play before recharging his instrument.

One click to turn it on, one click to find out the amount of battery remaining. Marc preferred to keep his basic preamp, which poses no problem for our battery management system.

Happy owner of the Vaudoo Audio battery system on my Sire Bass V9, I no longer have to buy batteries

(2 9V batteries for an 18v preamp)

Since I recharge my bass (like in the song) and it is heavy

Thanks to you guys … 🤘😉🎸🙏🎶👍

Marc S.
bassist pro. - paca
basse rechargeable vaudoo audio

We were here for the installation of the system, really simple according to Célia, who now plays on a rechargeable active bass.

Our rechargeable system now equips a bass made by the luthier Celia Enoc, in Aix en Provence.

Luthier Bass
- 9V

A French startup that will revolutionize your life dear Musician friends !!! You are tired of changing your batteries on your active bass !! Install their rechargeable system, simple and easy to install and use !!

We are proud to be part of their suppliers and installers !!

Celia Enoc
luthiere - AIX en provence - guitares d'en france

Can we speak of an instrument when we are in front of a work like this?

This bamboo and titanium bass is the instrument everyone dreams of. And it is rechargeable. Prototype from sharing with The Guitar Division

Alquier Pulsar 5S

basse rechargeable active vaudoo audio

Once again, the Vaudoo Audio battery system powers the basic instrument preamp. A rechargeable double bass is a first.

basse rechargeable active vaudoo audio

- 9V