Battery Management System

The basic product from Vaudoo, the one that makes instruments rechargeable.

The basic product from Vaudoo, the one that makes instruments rechargeable.

Rechargeable battery system (micro-USB), the B.M.S replaces the 9V battery present in your bass and active guitars.

With an autonomy greater than or equal to a 9V Alkaline battery, it delivers a constant voltage from the start to the end of the charge.

It goes perfectly with the Vaudoo preamplifier, but can also power any bass preamplifier or active guitar: 5, 9, 12 or 18 Volts.

Vaudoo Audio

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the Vaudoo ritual.

Easy integration & perfect adaptation

Available in several layouts:

One battery
Two batteries
Remote batteries.

Adapt to the size of each instrument.

The system is barely larger than a 9V battery.

Vaudoo Audio

End of the 9V battery.

The USB interface which allows you to recharge the batteries emits a light signal allowing you to know at any time the battery level of your instrument.

No more batteries to buy, no more batteries to throw away.


BackPlates with integrated USB interface

If you prefer a backplate with integrated USB interface, we have created basic format plates, for slots 1 or 2 9V batteries.


The Technologic Battery.

Major assets

- Very low toxicity for the environment - Number of charge cycles: between 2000 and 10 000

Impressive lifespan

- After 2000 charge cycles, the battery still has a capacity greater than 80% of its original capacity. - More than 10 years of play, without any problem.

Ecology and safety

- Very low toxicity for the environment - Free of lead and other harmful substances

Up to 140 hours of autonomy

Enjoy up to 140 hours of playing, with our 3-band preamp and an output voltage of 9V.

Enough to go to the end of this rehearsal and this coming concert.

When the battery is empty, plug in for 5 minutes for an additional hour of play. And if you ever run out of battery, plug in the USB cable and keep playing.


Recharge your instrument with a standard USB charger. No modification of lutherie (except USB interface). The B.M.S is the size of a 9V battery and fits easily. No soldering, only connectors.


Battery level indicator. Charging cycles superior to conventional batteries. Lithium technology different from that of our phones, no risk of external effect, no smoke, no fire in the event of impact.


Recharge an hour of play in just 5 minutes! Recharge 90% of the battery in just 2 hours. The system will stop charging if you leave it plugged in for too long and give you an indication of the remaining battery when switching on.


The constant voltage throughout the use of the battery, for better sound. Possibility of adding an active/passive switch, which can be independent or combined with the volume potentiometer.

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